About Us

We are the venture subsidiary to AC Lion International, providing private equity and human capital to more than 50 growth stage SaaS, Big Data, HR-Tech, Internet and Cloud Computing companies.

We believe the two main areas ACLVP will help companies achieve are: cultivating new relationships and securing human capital.

We assist companies that lack strategic partnerships from hitting a wall.

Many times their inexperience will lead to unrealistic market expectations and poor cash flow management, heavy focus on technology, a lack of business “savvy,” weak business development execution, limited market entry experience, few corporate relationships, and unsophisticated family/ friend angels who are new to venture funding.

We think that through the strong connections we have established with our candidates from AC Lion, we can get the necessary funding for the start-up companies with the potential to thrive.

Our Team

Your Partners

Alan Cutter

CEO and Founding Partner

Alan Cutter is a luminary in tech recruitment, steering industry leaders and shaping the digital economy. Recognized by Forbes, his strategic finesse and founding of AC Lion Venture Partners underscore his 20-year impact on profit-driven tech strategies. A Yeshiva University graduate with a transformative hand in, Cutter merges his professional acumen with a passion for surfing, from Long Island to California.

Mike Adler

CO Founding Partner

Michael Adler, Senior Managing Partner at AC Lion International and Co-Founder of AC Lion Venture Partners, has led executive searches for over 600 tech entities including Google and Yahoo. With expertise in guiding startups across North America, Adler also has a strong background in finance, including roles at Visual Radio, Toronto Dominion, and Bank of America Securities. An alumnus of Whittier College, he holds a BA in Business Administration with a focus on Economics and Finance.

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