Alan Cutter

CEO and Founding Partner 

Alan Cutter, founder of New York City’s premier, Forbes Best Executive Search listed digital media recruiting agency AC Lion International, has been in the digital and technology sector for over 20 years placing key executives at companies like Google, Yahoo, Twitter, Facebook and Apple. Mr.Cutter brings a reputation of excellence to the table for being a key competent in establishing the major players in the adtech, advertising and Internet economy. His passion for strategic networking and relationship building, working alongside CEOs and key decision makers to generate revenue,  and utilizing cutting edge technology and innovation into each faucet of business drives ACLVP to embrace calculated and creative process with diligent execution and a passion for greatness. Understanding the tech sector's necessity for establishing long term profit driven strategy from key executives, he is responsible for creating the venture capital arm of AC Lion International, AC Lion Venture Partners. 

Born in Boston, Mr. Cutter earned a Masters Degree in Social Work from Yeshiva University in New York City. Prior to founding AC Lion International, he was a senior manager for OTEC, where he played a critical role in the initial strategic success of its evolution into Alan Cutter is frequently quoted in Crain's New York Business,, Forbes and, he maintains an active and integral role in numerous tech-focused community, CEO networks and political causes as a thought leader in the . Born in Boston, Alan is based in New York City where he can explore his passion for surfing of the coasts of Long Island and California.


AC Lion International listed on "Best Executive Search Firms 2017" by Forbes. 


Alan Cutter named one of NYC's "Top 10 Start-Up Founders over 40"